Harvest Dinner with EOGG

by marilynk

Saturday was EOGG’s AGM and Harvest Dinner. I unfortunately missed the AGM because I got started too late on my baking. But the dinner was one of my favourites from this year. It had everything you want in a good dinner party: interesting, friendly people; good conversation; excellent food; and a beautiful setting.

Getting the water on for corn!

Appetizers, pickles, and sides.


When I arrived, the tables were already set up at the EOGG farm, the BBQ was warming up, and water was starting to boil for the corn. I finished putting my dish together (recipe below) and started chatting with the people there. I am so new to EOGG and my schedule allows such limited volunteer time that I hadn’t actually met most of the other volunteers before. I have to say, this is a fantastic group of people. Everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere on Saturday was nice and laid back.

Lighting candles for al fresco dining.

So many delicious choices!

Everyone brought a dish to the party (appetizers, salads, or desserts) and the meal was rounded out with BBQ’d sausages and delicious bread rolls from Tree Stone Bakery. I can’t remember what was in each of the dishes, but it was a truly spectacular meal. Most dishes included ingredients from the farm, and those that didn’t included ingredients from people’s own backyard gardens. Some of the taste highlights for me were the kale salad, homemade pickles, potatoes with dill, and for dessert the chocolate beet cake (yum!!) and pumpkin cupcakes.

Tree Stone Bakery goodness.

I tried to taste a little bit of everything.

Limited myself to two desserts though...

A very special volunteer who has dedicated a lot of time and talent to the farm was awarded the “Golden Shovel” (congratulations Dyle!) and the evening ended with some exploration of the Heritage Stable: Edmonton Research Station Museum that shares the site with the farm. This is a little gem of a museum that I had never heard of. Jack and Joyce Francis run it and are two of the most charming people I have ever met. The museum is so interesting I think it deserves it’s own post, but if you have any interest in farming in Edmonton you really should check it out.

And now the recipe. My contribution to the evening was Flatbreads with Honey, Thyme, and Salt, from (surprise, surprise!) Smitten Kitchen. I stayed very true to her recipe, only doubled it and substituted in Manchego cheese rather than Mahon and kosher rather than sea salt. The results were delicious and popular – even with the kids at the dinner. Any honey could be used, but I really like the Eucalyptus Blossom River Red Gum honey that’s available from Save On Foods in Edmonton. It’s darker in colour than clover honey and has a slightly stronger taste.

Flatbreads with Honey, Thyme and Salt

I’ve made this recipe with other combinations of flavours and it’s really good. It’s also so easy to make that I think this is my replacement for the chips I’ve been craving and missing so badly!


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