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When a Confirmed Diagnosis Isn’t Confirmed

by marilynk

After I got the results of the barium swallow test (highly unpleasant experience) in July, I had worked through all the steps in accepting my “official” diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease. I’d cried, was mad, didn’t want to talk about it, and finally had accepted it and was ready to talk about treatment options.

Today was Specialist Day. I expected to have more tests done to see the extent of the disease, but I expected to be working on the assumption that I have Crohn’s. Apparently, that’s still up in the air…well, sort of. The Specialist said it’s 70% likely that I have Crohn’s, but my symptoms are atypical, so he wants to check things out some more.

So, more blood work right away, then actual scopes of basically my whole GI tract in September (I expect an even more unpleasant experience), then hopefully we’ll know for sure what ails me and I can start treating this and feeling better on a consistent basis.